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Lady Fulton Handbag

Lady Fulton Handbag

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Inspired by the famous Fulton Street across lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, named after the engineer and inventor, Mr. Robert Fulton. Fulton Street is a cornucopia of architectural treasures where architects experimented with new motifs and materials in the new skyscraper form in the late nineteenth century. Shares similar values as Mr. Fulton and the architects, kpny is determined to extend and explore craftsmanship of exotic leather. To celebrate these creative spirits, kpny developed this simple design by redefining the use of the metal lock. While the metal lock was commonly used as one center piece lock, the Fulton Bag portrays two, one on each side perfectly balance as all things should be. The two metal locks are not only for decorative purpose but also for functionality. The entire handbag was handcrafted with the expertise and attention to detail that the designer and craftsman displayed in the sizing and positioning of the leather. Its design shows the most beautiful side of the natural pattern on the exotic leather. For engineers, architects or designers, “as the component parts of all new machines may be said to be old, it is a nice discriminating judgment, which discovers that a particular arrangement will produce a new and desired effect. Therefore, the mechanic should sit down.

Dimensions: L23.0 x W6.5 x H19.5 cm

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