About Us


We wanted to create something that can reflect and extend the traditional craftsmanship, with minimalist designs, premium quality and at a reasonable price.

Since the 1980’s, the Kwan family has been handmaking premium crocodile handbags with a team of skillful craftsmen in Singapore. Initiated by Mr. Kwan M.W., CEO of KWANPEN EAST ASIA, kp (new york) inc. is an extension of craftsmanship and exploration into a wider range of exotic leathers. Through social media, we grew beyond our Singapore home, becoming a global community reaching Europe, Middle East and East Asia.

kpny brings out the best of your style and completes your outfit by adding an elegant and sophisticated vibe of uniqueness.


Inspired by the uniqueness and natural beauty of exotic leather, we endeavor to create high quality and long lasting products that stand the test of time. Every piece of leather is carefully selected; the burnishing, polishing and inking processes are diligently carried out by hand; even for the tiniest details of metal fittings, they are milled from solid brass or stainless steel.


We are determined to preserve the craftsmanship for exotic leathers of South American Caiman (Caiman Crocodilus Fuscus), South African Ostrich (Ostrich Struthio Camelus), Southeast Asia Python (Python Reticulatus), Java Lizard (Lizard Varanus Salvator), Hokaido Eel and Knitted Horse Hair. We use premium quality materials in a socially responsible manner, the guidelines of Conservation through Sustainable Utilization, endorsed by IUCN, are working principles of kpny.